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Role of organic components in regulating denitrification in coastal water of Daya Bay, southern China


"Both dissolved and particulate organic materials have been proposed to be important factors in regulating the heterotrophic denitrification in various aquatic environments. However, specific pathways and mechanisms remain elusive. In this study, water column samples were collected from Daya Bay, southern China, to examine the relationships between potential denitrification and different organic components in the water column. Bulk dissolved organic carbon (DOC) was categorized into three major components including terrigenous fluorescent (tFDOC), autochthonous fluorescent (bFDOC) and non-fluorescent (nFDOC) fractions, while the bulk particulate organic carbon (POC) was divided into terrigenous (tPOC) and autochthonous (bPOC) based on an isotope mixing model [...]"

Source: Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts
Authors: Jian Zeng
DOI: 10.1039/C8EM00558C

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