Rare earth element signatures of Doushantuo cap dolostones capture an increase in oxygen in the anoxic Ediacaran ocean


"The Rare Earth Element (REE) systematics of the post-Marinoan cap dolostones reflect the marine redox conditions and chemistry in the immediate aftermath of the snowball Earth. Rare earth elements and yttrium (REY) compositions in the Doushantuo cap dolostones that directly overlie Nantuo glacial diamictites in south China are determined from the inner shelf to the slope. In general, shale-normalized REY patterns (REYSN) of the cap dolostones show significant fractionations that are characterized by light REE depletion, slight middle REE enrichment relative to the light and heavy REEs, positive Eu anomalies, and slightly super-chondritic Y/Ho ratios. [...]".


Source: Science Direct
Authors: Min Ren & Ruifan Li

Read the full article here.


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