Microplastics pollution in the ocean: Potential carrier of resistant bacteria and resistance genes


"Microplastics pollution in marine environments is concerning. Microplastics persist and accumulate in various sections of the ocean where they present opportunity for micropollutant accumulation and microbial colonisation. Even though biofilm formation on plastics was first reported in the 1970's, it is only in recent years were plastic associated biofilms have gained research attention. Plastic surfaces pose a problem as they are a niche ready for[...]"


Source: Science Direct
Authors: K.S.Stenger et al.

Read the full article here.

The Thermodynamic Controls on Sulfide Saturation in Silicate Melts with Application to Ocean Floor Basalts


"A thermodynamic model to calculate the sulfide content at sulfide saturation or SCSS of basaltic and intermediate composition silicate melts has been built from four independently measurable thermodynamic entities, namely the standard state Gibbs free energy of the saturation reaction, the “sulfide capacity”, and the activities of FeO in[...]"


Source: AGU- Advancing Earth and Space Science 
Authors: Daniel R. Neuville et al.

Read the full article here. 

Oxygen loss in fjords, coastal areas, and open ocean systems


"Loss of oxygen and expansion of oxygen depleted environments have been witnessed in both coastal and open-ocean systems since the middle of the 20th century, and ocean modelling predicts continuing decease by the year 2100. Oxygen depletion occurs thus during the same time epoch as global warming. Increased knowledge on how and why oxygen varies in space and time shapes the biogeochemical and ecological structure of marine systems and will be needed for future predictions of marine productivity. In coastal systems deoxygenation is also linked to human activities that lead to increased loadings of nutrients and organic matter, and to regional effects of climate induced changes in wind and precipitation patterns[...]"


Authors: Anne Gro Vea Salvanes et al.

Read the full article here.


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