Ocean Deoxygenation – Another Global Challenge

"The ocean is facing unprecedented pressures that are causing massive ecosystem and nutrient cycle disruption the result of industrial-scale depletion of ocean wildlife and destabilization of steady-state ecosystems. This occurs not only on the seafloor by trawling, dredging, drilling, and mining but also in the water column with nets, long lines, fish aggregating devices and other techniques; methods introduced in recent decades to extract with unprecedented speed and scale from ecosystems hundreds of millions of years in the making.  [...]"

Source: GIS and Science
Author: Matt Artz

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Oxygen loss strains marine ecosystems

A new review highlights the impact of declining oxygen levels in the open ocean and coastal waters due to increasing temperatures and nutrient discharge.


"Half of the world’s oxygen originates from the ocean. Yet, worldwide, the amount of open ocean without any oxygen has quadrupled over the past 50 years. Oxygen-minimum zones have expanded by several million square kilometres, increasing by more than 10-fold since 1950.  [...]"

Source: nature Middle East
Author: Lakshini Mendis
DOI: 10.1038/nmiddleeast.2018.2

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