Decadal dynamics and predictability of oxygen and subsurface tracers in the California Current System


"The oxygen of the source waters that feed the upwelling in the California Current System show prominent multi-decadal fluctuations that are not significantly correlated with the dominant modes of Pacific climate variability. By combining observations and ocean reanalysis products between 1950-2010, we show that decadal changes in oxygen are linked to subsurface salinity variability and primarily controlled by ocean circulation dynamics. We find that subsurface anomalies in the core of the North Pacific Current propagate the oxygen signal downstream into the coastal upwelling system following the path of the mean gyre circulation with a timescale of 10-years. [...]"

Source: Geophysical Reasearch Letters
Authors: Mercedes Pozo Buil, Emanuele Di Lorenzo
DOI: 10.1002/2017GL072931

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